Nteje Sons & Daughters USA

Oyi Local Government Area - Anambra State - Nigeria

  Welcome Citizens and Friends of Nteje
                      Motto: Leadership---Service---Citizenship---Character

Leadership is power. And in power lies the ability to use service as a means for good and evil purposes.  The easiest path to take is often evil. The choice as a good citizen is the  good path that offers a reward beyond its opposite - the one that builds character.

The purpose of this home page is to give all Nteje people, home and abroad a place in cyberspace that they can collectively call home. It is a place all Nteje people young and old can visit to learn a little bit about their home town and learn what others are doing to help the ones back home.
                                                           Our Mission
The idea of an Nteje Association in the USA has been a long time in the making.  Nteje Sons and  Daughters USA, was established in June, 2005, and provides an alternative forum to congregate and socialize.
                                                           Our Goals 

The goals of the association is to create a forum and a channel through which Nteje people in the United States can speak with one voice on issues affecting our people at home.
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